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  The Viaduct at Millau, France                  

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We are your legal bridge to your legal property.

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Welcome to the website of Sean O'Connor, French Property Lawyer

We are French Property Law specialists.

Sean O'Connor is a Solicitor admitted to practice in England and Wales. 

Sean O'Connor & Co. is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  We are a small, personal service firm consisting simply of Sean O'Connor and two Secretaries.  We specialise in French property, nothing else.

Here is a recent picture of Sean O'Connor.

Introductory message from Sean O'Connor

Hello.  I happen to be very good at this work.  After picking up a degree in history at Oxford University, it later came about that I spent approximately three years at the Court of Justice of the European Communities at Luxembourg as a full-time Legal Translator of the Court Reports from French into English. I have thus picked up a very thorough knowledge of French Legal terminology.

Under French Legal Issues on this website you can read information from me on the French inheritance laws, French inheritance tax, the French planning system, the French social charges and Trusts in relation to France. There is also information on forthcoming changes to French contract law. You can also find (under the Tab More above)  a Note of our views concerning Britain and the European Union, having regard to the 'Leave' decision in the recent Referendum. In it, we incline towards prudence, caution and patience concerning this matter.

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24 June 2016

What We Do

Our full range of French law and French property legal services

  • Legal advice for French Property Sales and Purchases

  • French Inheritance Law

  • French Inheritance Tax

  • French Capital Gains Tax

  • Transferring and Dividing Assets

  • Winding up of Estates

  • Property disputes in France

  • French contentious proceedings

All our staff are bilingual

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              1- French Inheritance Tax

              2- French Inheritance law

              3- The French Planning System

              4- The French Social Charges when you sell

              5- French contract law

              6- Trusts & France

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